About GRW Publishing

GRW Publishing is Geoff Whale's vehicle for producing and marketing maps and field guides relating to bushwalking and similar activities. Geoff is an academic in Computer Science & Engineering at UNSW in Sydney.

September 2013 Stop Press: using the same format as is best for representing maps (SVG), have a look at these animations of the sometimes strange results of preference deals in the recent elections for the Senate.

Family Bushwalks in the Snowy Mountains, a guide to day walks in Kosciuszko National Park, is now in its second edition.

A new guide to day walks in the greater Sydney region that all start and end and a railway station is in preparation, and due to be published as an eBook in Spring 2014: RailWalks: Bushwalks by Sydney Trains.

Wolli Creek map, detail The Two Valley Trail runs from Campsie to Bexley North, through parklands along the Cooks River and bushland through the Wolli Creek valley (now Wolli Creek Regional Park). Geoff was responsible for mapping the route (and some trailblazing to complete the section from Bardwell Park to Bexley North). A detailed A3 brochure with map and walk planner is available.

The Wolli Creek part of the TVT is covered in RailWalks.

Geoff is willing to produce maps of walking, cycling or similar tracks for volunteer organisations in the Sydney region at reduced rates. The fee depends on the time required to collect GPS data and prepare the materials for print or web.



Mailing address: 7A/17-25 William St, BOTANY NSW 2019.

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